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Default R u poli?

Originally Posted by liveoutloud View Post
I am wondering if there are any members in India..its been awhile since anyone has posted. I am in US but will be moving to Kerala in June for a year for work purposes. Would love to meet like minded people while there

Yes there are lots of poly family in India they are just discreet with it. As a matter a fact most people dont know that Indian in India have been practicing poly relationship long before people in the US become so into it without labeling themselves as poly because to them who practic poly it was just a part of their culture. Plus some who are now reffering to themselves as poly are real distant reletives to begin with. The fact that my wife is Indian and i have visited India a few times we have met a few poly family in India that we have bonded with. Plus our poly family in here in Canada are Indians. I know that Indian poly family are even more real than poly family in America.Thats because as my wife said even while growing up polyamory have always been in her family and in some other friends of hers secretly while growing up without the poly practic being reffered to as poly.

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