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Default The Poly Family Affair

Originally Posted by urmila View Post
I am an indian housewife. husbands wants us to enter into a polymorous relation with another couple related to us. hadnot heard about poly before that. He has provided me with links to explore and understand before giving my opinion


Try to read between the lines of the message your husband is serving you. Its better to share or have a poly relationship! Especially like how its with a couple already related to you its better than for your husband to cheet. After all he is saying he want morethan just the usual or something extra. He is a good man because instead of cheeting he is being honest with you.My wife who is Indian and i use to be just plainnnn monogomous and it was boring after being married for so many years.

Untill another couple who is Indian who are related to us too introduce the poly life to us. My wife jumped on the poly concept for various reason, including wanted man-more sex plus she said while growing up it was in her family discreetly without being reffered to as poly Now i love to share my wife and watch her being shared by the other man while i am sharing his wife and we love the variety.Plus we feel safer with them, because they were real family before we became poly together.

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