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Default not even close or not subtle enough

Regarding "retarded time" [sic] and it's fictional physics application

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
The cringe is just from the association in my head, but I acknowledged that my thinking is responsible for this reaction, not the word itself. As was mentioned before, the word just means delayed.

Actually, the scientific term predates the colloquial, derogatory usage of "retarded" by several decades. When E&M was being developed, words like idiot, imbecile, and feeble minded were en vogue. Mentally retarded was later introduced as the p.c. term. I'm not sure when people started using it out of context ("that's retarded!" or "you retard!" (p.s. good news, "retard" isn't in my Swype dictionary...)).
The term "retarded" and "advanced" comes concepts cycles, and the many cycles within each cycle. The terms are used to explain concepts of "timing", as in any single event that depends on many specifically ordered sequence of events. Furthermore, that each sequence or events needs to occur with precision to be correct, and any deviation from the precision does affect the single larger event.

when the deviation is such that the event occurs "after" the precise timing, the term is "retarded" as in the event happened late, or behind schedule.

when the deviation is such that the event occurs "before" the precise timing, the term is "advanced" as in the event happened early, or ahead schedule.

In the true meaning and concepts of the word, both advanced and retarded equally describe "not precise" of out of whack timing. One is not good and the other is bad, they are just different directions to be out of time.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Electromagnetism is a branch of Physics that describes, among other things, how radiation and electricity work. It's the science that underlies everything from radios to smartphones -- pretty much the foundation of all modern technology.

A complete description of the fundamental electromagnetic laws was published exactly 100 years earlier by James Maxwell. The notion of retarded time follows directly from those laws ("Maxwell's equations"). It's unclear when exactly retarded time was discovered as a requirement, but it was established by the time Einstein came on the scene in the early 1900's.

The terms have absolutely nothing to do with electromagnetism and have nothing to do with the the complete and utter bullshit concept of "retarded time"

Originally Posted by SC
Language like "shouldn't" implies responsibility. It does not empower, it restricts. "You shouldn't drink around creepy guys" is intrinsically different from "some creepy guys rape women who drink around them." Telling women what they should and should not do to prevent getting raped is more likely to cause rape victims to wonder if they could have done more to prevent their rape. Adding guilt and responsibility to the trauma of rape is not empowering.

Getting drunk does not cause men to rape women. However, society's failure to educate men that drunk women are not able to give consent because they are not of sound mind can cause men to believe that "taking advantage of an opportunity" is not the same thing as rape. A lot of men have been taught that "not saying no means yes." I would prefer that they were taught "not saying yes means no." That's what I mean when I say educating men can help prevent rape. I haven't read this author so I'm not commenting on what he means by education.

Respect is about behaviour. Behaviour can be changed. Of course people can be taught to respect people. We're not statues, with our thoughts and beliefs set in stone. That's what education is all about.
nobody is saying it's right for women to live in fear of men and I think it's despicable that women should ever feel they have to do anything other than be themselves and not worry about the fact that men are uncaring, unfeeling assholes who have trouble with concepts like respect.

and it's fine for you believe that education is going to change that fact, yeah for you and I as a male I appreciate you optimism and hope for the disgusting gender, but taking precaution in order to reduce the number of women that men get away with raping is NOT victim blaming. So long as we share our planet with males, we will never be able to completely stop all instances of violations of personal space known as rape, but I will be damned before I let someone tell me that I am victim blaming for encouraging women to be safe in world that is rampant with asshole males as well as some females who adopt their fucked up way of thinking.

Just today I had my password to facebook hacked, yet again, for clicking a link on an article at mommyish dot com. I blame myself as I believe you should be able to clink links to referenced works on the internet, I did nothing wrong, it was the journoterrorists admins on the site that wrote the code. But I will take precaution because no matter who much educating a person can do, no matter how logical it may seem to some that it is violating electronic boundaries that are very clearly defined -- AND EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT MY BAD FOR CLICKING A LINK IN AN EFFORT TO SEE THE LOGIC IN SOME OF THE FUCKED UP LOGIC PUBLISHED THERE -- I would be much smarter if I refrained for clicking links in the articles of unethical authors and their poorly cloaked misogynistic, articles

do you want to know the authors pseudonyms?
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