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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
Most importantly, make the time you do have together count.
I'm not that experienced of a poly person but this was a big deal with my last second boyfriend and something that we did not handle well. Especially because I am one of those "constantly connected" people who always has her cell phone on and is constantly connected. With my first boyfriend, I would often write this off because him and I already spent a great deal of time together but with the second boyfriend, I think it hurt him a lot to feel like there was something drawing my attention away from him (whether it was work, my mom texting me, me flirting with friends).

With that said, he wasn't great at making plans and so we would spend lots of time just "hanging out". Don't get me wrong, that was okay but I think we should have scheduled dates more often and made plans to really optimize the time we did have.

Like I said, I'm not that experienced but that's my two cents.


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