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Saaay ... I thought I was the only one who was allowed to post multi-post posts around here. Mods, do something about this! When it comes to windbags on there can be only one!

Nyuck nyuck, kidding of course. I just like reading my own giant posts and am too lazy to read others' giant posts without moaning and groaning about it. But I found your story to be quite interesting and engaging.

By the way: that happy feeling you had for Bunny when she was with that other boyfriend? Well, somewhere between 1971 and 1991, the Kerista Commune in San Francisco coined a word for that feeling. Sigh, and the word is: compersion. I know, I never cared for the goofy Care-Bear sound of that word either. But it's become quite popular and is here to stay, so ... give yourself to the compersive side of the Force.

Wow! Three beautiful ladies! You lucky dog you. But I bet your cup runneth over. "Heavenly Father, you're giving me way, way too many blessings. Cut it out." LOLOL ...

Anyway, I think it's quite cool how you took this journey and figured the whole honesty thing out and made good, solid, healthy polyamory a reality for you, Awesome, Bunny, and Daisy. What a wonderful life you guys now have together, with abundant love tingling in the air ... sigh. I really do envy you a bit.

Poor me, all I have anymore is one lovely lady, and I have to share her with her legal husband, so technically I only have half a lady. On the other hand, given the ridiculous amount of time I spend on most days, I can barely fit that poor half of a lady into my schedule.

Seriously though, I really do have an awesome life, two poly companions who love me (though we're all hetero and it's just "bromance" between me and "Brother-Husband" as I like to call him), and two fun, funloving, loving pets to boot. So I'm not *too* jealous, is what I'm saying.

Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you four guys the best of the best!

Kevin T.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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