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I was left with so many questions. I see some connections between this article and the work of Helen Fisher, but the authors did not establish if this "oxytocin" response could be felt for more than one familiar face. Additionally, the article implied that those with a diminshed oxytocin response actually feel less attached to their partners. Hmmm. I know my experiences are anecdotal and could be so-called outliers in a data set, but if anything, my poly partners are more attached. There are simply so many possible confounds here, it makes me question how it was taken on as a research question. I'd also like to see the research on women too. I've seen studies on maternal rats showing their elevated oxytocin rates correlated to bonding with their young...but applying these concepts to poly/mono seems a stretch. Still, I find this sort of science fascinating and I hope there is more of it in the years to come.
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