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Re (from opalescent):
"[opalescent pinky swears friends with Kevin] ... A pinky swear friendship is srs bidness among my people!"
Damn! It's official now. I solemnly submit to this new oath.

@YouAreHere ... uh yep, it sure seem cray cray to me. Love your post in general. Humans are always interesting in their odd -- cray cray way.

@Dirtclustit (Dusty is fine too if you prefer) ... I'm running ever more out of words (guess that four-post post sucked my own wind right out of me), and can't even think of specific replies to your specific comments.

It sounds like I'm part of some kind of reeeally big conspiracy, and that I'm an out-and-out asshole besides. (I got that part.) I purportedly smile/laugh in the face of the pain I (try to?) cause other people, and I seemingly post articles in online magazines which comes to me as quite a surprise.

I hope you won't too much hold it against me if I keep gradually creeping back out of our admittedly-interesting-but-kinda-scary conversation. I know you won't think it's sincere but I do apologize for any hurt, pain, or fear I have caused you. Not intended I swear; it's just me and my twisted sense of humor again.

You need not run from me; I won't block you and will always be interested to read your posts. And I hope you'll believe me when I say I've no intention of contracting a hit on you! Jeezh, didn't I mention I wasn't into that violence sort of thing? So your position is safe here on; I won't try to challenge or threaten it.

I don't want to do my worst; I just want to tiptoe away. That's my current battle plan. I need to slink away so that some other abuser can take my place. Time for this abuser to clock out.

Believe it or not there's at least five other people who find me as despicable as you (I take it) find me: namely, my late wife's kids. Sigh. They'd definitely put a bullet in my head if they had the chance and thought they could get away with it. Actually they'd be more likely to crucify me or something if they thought they could get away with it.

I thank you for giving me the okay to continue to express my opinions (or lies, or whatever they are), even if you gave the okay in a less-than-warm-and-fuzzy manner. It's still the best thing to do. None of us (except the mods) on this forum can stop each other from saying this or that anyway.

Anywayz yeah, I'm gonna zip the lip for awhile now, and try to talk a leedle bit less in the future. Hope that helps.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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