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London, if I may paraphrase you, there's a WHOLE LOTTA cray cray going on.

LR, I really need to dig into your posts (and may just PM you for your FB info), since I really, REALLY dig the psych stuff (would have minored in it as an undergrad, but didn't have the cash to stay an extra semester). Our brains do pattern match as a matter of course, whether it's to categorize things, people, emotions, feelings, or physical/perceptual/cognitive patterns as well. I always enjoyed that from the mathematical/logical perspective, and would have loved to have dug into the psych persepective more.

CW, I'm glad to see your response to LR. I stopped engaging you a while back when you clamored for understanding yet refused to offer the same - you seemed to want more of a soapbox than a dialog, and I was through talking to a brick wall that yelled back. I hope you take LR's and Kevin's comments to heart.

Kevin... As far as your original question, waaaay back when, I do have to agree that it's all individual. I have a Haitian friend who HATES being called African American. Then again, he refers to himself as an "Island Boy" and he gets all smirky when he does. It's kinda funny. If I screw up and say the wrong thing, I will apologize and try to not repeat my faux pas. If someone's going to hold it against me, then I will still do my best to not repeat my screw-up, but I will tend to think they have a bug up their ass and not want to engage them again anyway. Life goes on.

Those who want to be persecuted (and that's not just racially), despite other peoples' best intentions, will feel persecuted. I can bend over backwards and still be unable to please them. Their choice to remain in the hole they've dug for themselves. (I'm not talking about those who truly are persecuted, if that isn't clear).

Blah. Back to work. It's really telling when I'm taking a break on writing personnel reviews in order to reply here.
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