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thanks guys. it helps a lot, even though we aren't trying to mold ourselves into a label, its nice to have the words.

im not even sure if this is going to work out. she was suppose to come over last night, I confirmed at noon that day, all was good. then at 630 she said she was tired and wanted to stay home, but would make it up to us today by coming over for the seahawks game and walking dead, but im disappointed. she said she was tired and was going to sleep off the night before, but facebook tells you where people are when your chatting and she wasn't at home. this is a huge step back for us. lying is a huge deal, especially when we are opening ourselves and our marriage for her, because we have feelings.

when and if she even comes over tonight, hubs and I are going to bring up the honesty and the fact that if she wanted to go hang out with the bf or whoever instead, then to just be honest about it instead of lying and making excuses. I feel as though I tend to process more than most, I want EVERYTHING on the table, 100% honest. you cannot have a successful life, partnership, relationship or anything without being honest. not everyone likes to process, but im super into psychology and this whole thing is a huge psychological journey for us so it is very important to know how everyone else is during this.

we will see how the cards fall tonight.
ill try anything once, twice if I like it.
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