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Knowing my wife has struggled with a similar situation in the past, I wanted to reply to this thread from the beginning, but had no idea how to describe what I was thinking. I could never explain it at the time to my wife either...not in a way that she ever seemed to believe.

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
He doesn't see me as I am today. I have to ACTUALLY SHOW HIM the changes with pictures for him to notice them. He still see's me the way he memorized me 17 years ago. Seriously.
Thanks LR for phrasing it in a way I could never figure out.

Of course, even when I see pictures, and then look at my wife, she's only become more beautiful with every passing year...but I see things that she doesn't...or maybe I don't see things that she does.

Originally Posted by lisbeth View Post
Thirty-something women rock.
Amen to that brother.
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