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Dirtclustit, it makes me sad to think that you view me as a lying cog in some vast conspiracy, but I suppose I need to make some peace with that. It's your right to believe as you see fit, and not my right to tell you what to believe.

I'm also awkwardly aware of the lameness of my so-called evidence. One can learn virtually anything about the Mormon church by fishing around on the web, so my spouting off Mormon doctrine or whatever doesn't prove that I was ever active or ever served a mission.

But consider one last thing. If I have no compunctions about lying as I purportedly have so far, why would I stop at claiming six months' mingling with the folks of Detroit? Not very smart of me; it would make more sense for me to claim that I'd been born in Detroit and lived there all my life. Then I could really claim I knew my stuff when talking about at least one black culture.

But perhaps it's not my alleged knowledge of Detroit black culture that bothers/troubles/angers you, it's my alleged knowledge of the Mormon church that bothers/troubles/angers you. Well as I said, that kind of knowledge can be fished right out of the worldwide web, so in the end does it matter where I got my knowledge from? except for knowledge of the subtle nuances of Mormon culture, which one can arguably only get by having lived the experience. [shrug] Whatever it is, that's what it is. I'm lying or not lying, various people do or don't believe me, and with all that going on, yet the world continues to turn and orbit around the Sun. Cities remain intact; dubious politics roll down their twisty roads as they've done for as long as written history can tell.

I don't think anything I say is going to have a big effect on the world, its laws, or its policies. I'm not any kind of authority or powerful person with some huge cult following. I'm just a very talkative person as you can see.

And as for getting along with other races/cultures, I'm probably too lazy to make huge changes in my life and routine even for that noble of a cause. I just want to know some little/easy things that a socially handicapped person as myself (thanks Dad for passing those genes on to me) can to do shrink racial and cultural divides just a little. If this thread accomplishes nothing more than me making a couple of new friends from races and/or cultures "foreign" to me, then I'll personally be satisfied.

And I've learned that I'll always make enemies here and there. I'll never please everyone. Sux coz I do like to please, but, then, who'd be pleased if I didn't pursue my own code of morals/ethics to the best of my knowledge? I have to do that much at least.


Re (from Dirtclustit):
"I never asked you for your name, you are not the type of person I would want to know anything about, let alone your name."
Okay; sorry for telling you my name, I realize that you didn't ask. Hey at least it's only my current name I revealed, not the original one. In case that's any consolation.

"I would only ask that you quit talking shit ..."
Well I'll try to not belabor the shit, but since it's shit that I actually believe, I can't guarantee that I'll never talk it again. Not what you'd have wanted to hear obviously but hey, I'm still fishing around for middle ground in case there is any.

"Don't fuck with the passage of equal rights because of some butt hurt slight from almost a decade ago."
If you mean, equal rights for the Mormon church, then I'll try not to fuck with the passage of that. Just so we agree that one guy's freedom ends where his nose ends and the next guy's nose begins!

"I don't care how you list the acronym LGBT and I don't care how subtle your slights are or how fucked up your positions are in articles."
Garsh, who do you think I am? I'm not Franklin Veaux, if that's what you're suggesting.

I think I did mention LGBT in some order or another, in some post way back there, but I don't even remember how I listed it. I've heard others list it so many ways: LGBT, LGBTA, LGBTI, LGBTQ, LGBTPQ, LGBTQIA and many more such as acronyms that start with "GL" instead of "LG."

I've never written an article in my life that I can recall (oh wait yes I have, but that was in school). I've written a post or three, and read some articles. Even decided what my own opinions were about those articles. But you need not care about that; it need not affect you one way or the other.

Subtle slights? Oh sure, I'm probably guilty, though I might be inclined to rather call them "humor in poor taste." But again, no need for you to care about any of that so I guess we're good.

"I also firmly believe that people engaging in creative writing yet adamantly claiming it as real experiences does *not* help any situation."
I won't argue with that. Sorry if it seems like that's what I'm doing.

"It doesn't help poly, it doesn't do anything good unless you think confusion is good."
Nope; confusion sucks.

"In fact I would appreciate if ignored me, and I will do the same."
I'll try to ignore you more than I have in the past. I'm fine with you ignoring or not ignoring me, whichever you think is best.


Re (from opalescent):
"Please don't apologize to me!"
Heh ... it's just that I feel so apologetic about feeling so apologetic ...

"I guess what didn't come through in my short post is that you didn't do anything wrong. Yes, I believe not feeding the crazy is a good strategy to maintain one's own sanity."
Eh; I'm feeling mostly sane these days. Probably partly thanks to Zyprexa, but also thanks to those good folks here who help remind me that I'm not crazy (or at least not *too* crazy).

I don't mind agreeing to disagree but I still feel at least slightly bad about posting that four-post post. Not completely bad, though; as I've reviewed it several times I've realized it sounds remarkably sane, even if the choice to respond to Dirtclustit at all remains dubious.

And while I'm guilty of responding to Dirtclustit yet again (in defiance of his own wishes I fear), do note that I'm trying to contain the size of my verbiage a bit more. I can haz partial credit, yes? and hopefully I can slowly but surely gracefully back out of any convo at all with Dirtclustit, kind of like I'd slowly back away from a raging grizzly bear.

Anyway, we're still friends, right? Friends? Pinky handshake? Yes yes?

Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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