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Magdlyn I see your point. I should stop assuming that Anne and I have this unspoken understanding and that we're on the same page. It's pure foolish tunnel vision and it's gonna get me into trouble. I am seeing her today and I am going to work it into the conversation one way or another. I am actually quite curious to know what she will say.

But I've opened my marriage so recently however that I do not hold a lot of hope... it's hard enough to date as a single person; things are so much more complicated this way but that doesn't mean I will give up. Maybe I'm just on a low today. It was a rough weekend with Leigh, but she's damned amazing for even accepting any this and we're still talking, at least. It would be nice if I had more of a support system here in PDX I know they are out there, but reaching out is usually a slow process for me. I'm working on it. Things will have to move slow with all parties regardless.

Great advice. I treasure your wisdom and experience.
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