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I assume you have sought medical attention for the depression part of it.

The remaining "empty" thing... how are you in your spiritual health? You could assess where you are at there --
  • What gives you inner peace?
  • What activities makes your soul sing/feeds your soul? When was the last time you did those things?
  • What gives meaning to your life?
  • How do you contribute to the bigger world around you?

There's nothing wrong with being poly. You probably are. But it is possible you are poly AND you have poor spiritual health.

Just like "retail therapy" and shopping til you drop will fill the void of poor spiritual health only but for so long?

Using "dating lots of people" to help fill the void will only work but for so long. The brain chemistry of NRE wears off in 6 - 24 mos ish. If you are looking for another "hit" to help lift you up, it's only going to last but for so long. You seem to have experienced that already and you seem to crave something else.

I don't know. I just hop from relationship to relationship absorbing their personality and the way they make me feel, and I start longing for the uniqueness of another. I don't stop loving what comes with the current relationship, I never do. But I never feel like its enough.
What about strengthening your OWN personality and character rather than "borrowing" other people's? Could that help you? Finding the solution within so it is always handy when you need it internally, rather than trying to find it externally?

So... maybe try uplift in other ways too? Still see your GF and whoever it is you want to date, but take the time to tend to your own spiritual health so your spiritual wellness can improve and you don't struggle with that "empty" thing?


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