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GalaGirl, thanks again. I told my husband what you said about us developing skills so we can continue in our commitment to each other, and that definitely resonated with both of us.

London, it should be obvious. I don't trust his judgment of people, as I have already said, because the very first woman he dated threatened me with violence, and she was indeed crazy enough to carry it out. If he had reacted appropriately in that situation, things would have been different, but he did not. So since then, I pay more attention than I probably would be inclined to do. He has had one-on-one relationships with everyone he has dated, but when I am already not comfortable with a person, I insist on knowing what is going on. That has been part of our agreement since the first one.

Wow, what a contrast in personalities here. One kind, thoughtful, constructive comment and a person right after her who suggests that maybe my husband just hates me. I feel fortunate that I at least can handle nasty toxic people in a forum, just am less equipped to deal with them in real life. I sincerely hope that others who come here from a place of trouble can do so as well, otherwise a lot of people are probably just leaving this forum after having failed to get the support they came here for.

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