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Default Not wrong


Please don't apologize to me!

I guess what didn't come through in my short post is that you didn't do anything wrong. Yes, I believe not feeding the crazy is a good strategy to maintain one's own sanity.

But responding to Dirt is not 'wrong'. You felt the need to respond and there is nothing wrong in that. I just wanted to bring up to you that maybe it's not 'best'. But if you feel otherwise, that doesn't make you wrong. It just means you disagree with me. Which is perfectly acceptable. While I have strong opinions on just about everything, I also know my experience is not the sum total of the universe. (Although some days I feel it should be! )

@LR, thank you for the info on the RLDS. I had heard about the groups that broke away after the polygamy decision but had no idea there were earlier divisions in Mormonism. TIL!

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