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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I don't think so but.... really, when it is just us three we do a lot better sometimes... things run more smoothly. But then again there is that dratty thing called "wanting to fit in." I want community and I want to fit in....
Seeing how we are off topic anyways....

I'm curious what "wanting to fit in" means. Does wanting to fit in mean conforming to what everyone else seems to be doing or expects? I have a teenage daughter and have seen her do lots of stuff just because she wanted to fit in and some of it was not actually what she wanted.

I guess I just worry that it is external pressure that shapes a lot of behaviour in any social community....even the polyamorous one LOL! I'm starting to see a lot of behaviour in our limited community that is similar to the "dreaded expectations" of monogamy; only monogamy preaches "it's not normal to have sex with others" and polyamory teaches, "it's not normal to not have sex with others".

Action based on human nature I understand. Action based on the expectations of others or a need to feel accepted by others I do not.

I believe in doing what is in your nature, not in what is natural to the people around you If that is what guides your path than it is right regardless of what that path leads to...following our heart is what I am thinking makes old people have no regrets.

Lots of Love Sunshine..smooch!
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