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No need to get down on yourself. Jealousy is natural, even in poly relationships. What you can do is back up just a bit, identify exactly why you are jealous, and develop a plan to deal with it. This is an excellent opportunity for personal growth and I have found it also offers a chance to make your existing relationships more fulfilling. Try to avoid letting your thoughts get bogged down in the things that trigger the jealousy when it makes you feel bad and instead try to examine why they are triggers and how you can help yourself get your feelings more in-line with what you want them to be. Allow yourself to focus on the things that make you feel right and positive, as this will help over time to shift your focus to a more positive and happy one. Take comfort in both your relationships, the love they show you, and don't get down on yourself for the things you cannot control or the positives someone else has that you don't think you have. You are loved by two wonderful people who love you because you are wonderful too. It's difficult, but you can do it and come out better. Blessings to you while you deal with these difficult feelings.
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