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I saw the Day of the Doctor on the big screen.. not 3-D. I squeed also.

I'm also wondering how they get around the regeneration limit. Although at a recent fan meeting someone pointed out that we ASSUME the first Doctor is the first ..... He never calls himself that... and there could have been others before him.

I've only been a fan for a few years.. but will do a DW marathon for a Saturday and caught up with a lot of the current.

At a convention I picked up some old VHS from the original series.. Quite fun to watch... bad acting, Brit humor and limited special effects.

Okay, not bad acting.. just very dated acting.

I can hardly wait till the Christmas special.. and hope to get invited to someone's house to watch it. (I don't have cable.)--- and it is delightful to watch with other Whovians.
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