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Default Hyperskeptic's Resolutions

I have a couple of resolutions for the end of 2013.

Year-End Resolution 1

I intend to change my relationship with the Internet, with the aim of leaving more time and focus for other projects, both professional and personal, and more of my attention for the people in my life.

This will involve leaving my computers turned off more of the time, having designated times to check and respond to email and forums, moving more of my professional and personal lives offline, doing more reading and writing that involves ink on paper, talking to people face-to-face more often. It will also involve getting control over my inboxes.

So, it is ironic that I'm posting this here. I'll just try to check in less often.

Really, this is a longer-term goal, but I'd like to have made a noticeable start on it by December 31. Signs of progress will include
  • breaking the habit of turning to the computer first thing in the morning and first thing after dinner in the evening, and running to the computer whenever I have a moment of idleness.
  • leaving the computer off for longer portions of the day,
  • losing track, from time to time, of where I left my zero-sum smart phone*, and
  • spending more of my time reading, writing with a pen, practicing music, and talking to people; in particular, passing my commute time on train or bus reading ink on paper (or maybe e-ink on a non-Internet device).

Year-End Resolution 2

I intend to reduce the amount of sugar and simple starches I eat.

I've done this before, with notably good effects, but I've slipped a bit over the past few months. Being in the UK made it difficult to cut white flour out of my diet! I would like to reestablish the habit by the end of the year.

Of course, the holidays are a minefield. All those buffets! All those pies and cookies!

* having a smart phone is a zero-sum game: the smarter it gets, the stupider I get.
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