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Both my partners were "Didn't Even Knows" when I met them. Actually, I have not met any ethically non-monogamous people while dating and did not even know where to go to look for them. So the Noobs where my only possibility...

This has worked fine. CJ is cool with non-monogamy and has had some flings on the side - nothing serious as yet, but he is open for another partner. He had his growing pains in understanding what being poly means to me, but here we are happily together. It has taken a lot of communication from both sides, and there have been misunderstandings and false assumptions on the way. Still, I have read about much worse communication problems even on this site and between "poly" people...

With Mark the whole process has been easier. He declares to be mono, and he knew about my marriage from the very beginning. He has said that he does not want to break my marriage, and his behavior has been in line with his words. Well, sometimes he takes this to the extreme of not letting me know his wants and needs (if he thinks they conflict with "my well-being" or the wants and needs of CJ), but we are working on that. Assumptions, again...
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