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Default Mono People.

I had no idea what to call this but I want to ask some questions based on something going on in my life, right now, and based on some of the related threads I've read in here. This is primarily focused around meeting people online, but I'm sure you'll be able to adapt it somewhat to cover the way you meet people.

First, do you only approach/reply to people who are obviously non monogamous? As in, it's on their profile or you know they are in some sort of open configuration because of where you are or who they are with?

Ok, so, when you first meet someone, the majority of us are either upfront about being non monogamous or we let the person know early on. Supposing you start interacting with someone, they know you are poly, but you know they aren't. Despite this, they are still interested in spending more time with you (ie going on a date). They haven't really said anything negative about polyamory, nothing that would make you think potential cowperson, but they haven't declared that they are "okay" with the poly thing or would be willing to see if it's suitable for them. Is this a problem? If not, when would you be wanting some sort of "declaration of commitment" to at least understanding that you are poly and any relationship you build with them would be part of your polyamorous relationship style?

I don't think I've been altogether clear here, so I'll wait to see if you guys get me before I go on.
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