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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
More like, what they (the military) think you should be.

From what I've seen you write, you're a free-thinking person who believes that individuals have the right to express themselves and dance to the beat of their own drum.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but free-thinking is exactly the opposite of what you're taught in basic training. Don't think, just obey. Don't question authority. Don't second guess your commander. Do what you're told, follow orders, trust in your leadership at all costs. Free-thinkers don't make good sailors -- they have an annoying tendency to ask "why?"

I would assume that's what people mean when they say the military will beat it out of you. You'll be taught that your personal views, thoughts, and perspectives are less than irrelevant. You eat when they say eat, you piss when they say piss, you sleep when they say sleep, you run when they say run, and you shoot when they say shoot. But most of all, you think what they say think.

I could be wrong. I admit I'm not speaking from personal experience. So let's touch base when you finish basic training and see who's further off the mark.
Correcting as requested: see this the mentality that many who have little interaction with the military or little understanding of the military life have.~

This is not a "bad" thing, there is just some need for education here.~

Let me explain:

1. The first thing many people not in the military need to know is: most if not ALL of us serving in the military are here because we volunteered by our own free will, with most if not all of us knowing exactly what we were getting ourselves into and thus I chose this path of life and every thing that comes with it: it's not all completely about "obeying" it's about a commitment you made upon joining the military, agreeing to all of its' rules, and signing that legal contract.~

2. The military or at least from what I know of the Navy is not some "big evil corporation that will allow no room for free thought and crush all mentions of questioning authority": the military is an organization with jobs and like many organizations with jobs it has rules, but these rules do not make those of high authority "gods" incapable of ever being corrupted or questioned, the military is an organization run by "people": when an order is given whether it is illegal according the military rules and/or the country's rules OR not, there are procedures, rules, and measures and practices to be followed and than can be taken to question it and more.~

An example is joining a banking corporation: now according to the rules and regulations of that banking corporation and the laws of the country it is in taking money from the banking corporation for yourself without permission is illegal, you know this, you knew this before joining this corporation and agreeing to work for them, would you do it any way "just because you felt like it"?~

Most likely not.~

The same goes joining the military and for example deciding to get drunk on duty, the military has now a "Zero-Tolerance" policy in regards to being intoxicated from alcohol or ANY substance while on duty: you WILL be fired and NEVER allowed to come back in.~

Another military example that applies is abusing your authority for "sexual abuse" of female military personnel, again the military takes these kinds of things very seriously.~
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