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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
Wow, yeah. So those sites and organizations full of experts who believe it's highly contagious--I guess we better write them and tell them we heard on the internet that someone with herpes hasn't passed it on, so they must be wrong.

It still comes down to, Scarlet's husband had a right to know.
I worked in an STD clinic, and I am a midwife. There are lots of people in that position. I was just pointing out that you actually know one of them. As far as I know, LR does have outbreaks too, and still, none of
her partner's have HSV2.

Likelihood of HSV transmission Let's say you have an infected male and an uninfected female. If they avoid sex during outbreaks, don't use condoms regularly, and don't take antiviral therapy every day, the risk of transmission is about 10% per year. But if you add condoms, it reduces transmission by about 50%, if he takes Valtrex 500 mg once a day, he can reduce transmission also by about 50%. So you can see that the numbers get very low! If it is a woman infected with HSV 2 having sex with an uninfected male, given the circumstances listed above again, then the transmission rate is about 4% prior to the interventions of condoms and Valtrex.
The rate of asymptomatic shedding from the genital area for HSV-1 is approximately 5% of the time when the person has no symptoms. Typically in the first year of infection with genital HSV-2, one will shed about 6-10% of those days when there are no symptoms. Thisof coursewill decrease over time as well.
Even if you do have someone immuno compromised in your network, you should be more worried about giving them flu, which could complicate and kill them of a respiratory infection like pneumonia than worrying about an inconvenient skin disease. If they are equally concerned about cold and flu viruses, fair play, but I sincerely doubt they are. And that's what makes it discriminatory stigma. A cold could kill them and absolutely anyone could give it to them without even touching them, herpes often hurts and itches. What one would you be more paranoid about?
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