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Originally Posted by FindingMyselfInTheGrey View Post
This 3-up/3-down is the general rule of followed by the US armed forces. But really in the Navy they have 4 rank groups: 'Blue Shirts' (which is further broken into 2 groups: Airmen/Firemen/Seaman (E1-E3), and Petty Officers (E4-E6), 'Khaki' (E7-E9), 'Warrant' (all CWOs), and 'Officers' (all Officer ranks). Really you should spend most of your time with members of your own rank grouping.

There are exceptions: teambuilding events: command, division, or department parties, BBQs, camp trips, etc... Right-Hand-Man events, where a senior-ranked member will take a junior member out for dinner/drinks as part of a thank you for job well-done, and when spending time with your 'mentor'.

Also, there are additional rules regarding fraternization that prohibit you from dating anyone within your chain of command.
-From MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE-Do not date anyone in your command! This can cause all sorts of trouble and really could make your time there pretty miserable.

You will occasionally see married folks with huge discrepancies of rank. These couples were married at a younger age, when both were within the same rank group before one was advanced at a faster rate than the other, or took part in a seaman-to-admiral program (or one like it).
Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
colors-that would be one of those scenarios where you have to wait it out. Wait to make a move until the "threat" (caused by too far apart in rank) is resolved.
Thank you for the information and the advice!~ ^_^

Hmm, I have some things to think about it seems.~

I don't even know if I'll even see her again in the future and I don't know if she felt the same way about me as in "interested".~

Se la ve, such is life.~

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