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Whoah now wait ... Doesn't that mean you're patronizing/stereotyping/discriminating against the Christian and RLDS cultures?

Wow folks. I'm gonna try to get us all back to our regularly-scheduled program soon. Please understand that this is the first time in my life that I've ever had anyone doubt my "stories about the church." It was so shocking, I figured I'd better write some kind of manifesto for the benefit of those "who want to believe."

Might go down in history as a dumb four-post post; after all, how do I know Dirtclustit isn't pretending to disbelieve my missionary story just to see how much verbiage he could trick me into pumping out? If that's what's just happened then congrats man, and sure enough I'm embarrassed. Four posts it took me to write that one post. I do believe that's my new record.

I guess it's just too hard to believe that I could have ever been a missionary in Detroit, because if I was, it would mean I had this meager six-month interval of "credentials" to brag about when "proving" I know how to "do the other races rite."

Dirtclustit: You've accused many members (perhaps not always naming who you were accusing) of using multiple accounts -- like sock puppet accounts -- to create the false sense of agreement in their would-be discounted opinon. So I'll ask you: Are you projecting?

The walls of text you've just received have been brought to you by the letters W, T, and F ... and by Franklin Veaux. Stay tuned for more off-topic drama!
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