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[continued from above]

"If you have some sort of power exchange relationships with slaves who willfully submit, more power to you buddy ol pal, but you have no power over me, and anytime you feel you do it is a violation, because I do not submit to blackmail, threats of violence or any kind of threat really except to make sure that those who threaten me follow through with their word."
Ummm ... that's okay, I won't try to insist that you submit to me. I can't inflict violence on you because I don't know how to physically locate you, and even if I did, I wouldn't do something like that. I deplore physical violence.

I can't blackmail you because I don't have any incriminating information about you, and even if I did, I doubt I'd use it. I just want to live my own life, not rule over yours. Sorry if the advice I gave earlier was offensive; I didn't mean it as a command, just as a suggestion, but I apologize if I stated it assertively and thus made it sound like a command.

The only "threat" I have threatened you with is the threat that I'll stop bugging you by ceasing to reply to your posts. Now come on. Replying to any member's posts is a voluntary action; I was never under oath to answer any of your posts in the first place. So please, let's not consider that one a threat, let's just call it an attempt by me to draw some healthy boundaries around myself.

And I guess I should be following through on that "threat" right now, but I admit, your latest post here was more interesting than it was distressing, so I guess I'm indulging temptation and playing along for a little longer.

No I don't think I have any power over you. This is an open forum, the mods can't babysit everything, and you have a goodly amount of freedom to express yourself here just about however you want. The limits to that freedom are an issue for you and the mods to work out, and no you don't have to worry about me "ratting you out to the mods." I've no interest in doing that.

Uh ... as for slaves who willingly submit to me, I guess that would be my dog and cat? I've no others that I'm aware of at this time.


"Honesty is a big deal to me, and I believe it is *the only* way to successfully gain rights or even just to shed the social stigma, so I don't appreciate stories which are made up, falsified, even when they are seemingly justified in order to gain ground in the poly world, so to speak. I know that everyone fibs here and there, so plucking little heart strings here and there to sell book, that's one thing, and not wrong per se however I do believe you should think about changing direction as to the whole monogamy is bad and unenlightened while polyamory is good, evolved [sic] and highly enlightened."
Umm ... you're addressing me? Ahem. Okay in case you are? let me just give you my assurance that I'm a pretty darn honest person, not that I've never ever practiced deception before, but let's just say that everything I've posted on has been 100% bonafide true, insofar as I know the truth when accounting for my limited knoweldge.

"I do believe you should think about changing direction as to the whole monogamy is bad and unenlightened while polyamory is good, evolved [sic] and highly enlightened."
Now here's where I really can't tell who you're addressing. Have I somehow gave the impression that I think monogamy is bad and unenlightened while pologamy is good, evolved [sic] and highly enlightened? If so, then I've miscommunicated beyond my wildest dreams. I completely hold that monogamy and polaymory are equally good, evolved, and enlightened, so long as whoever puts them into practice does so honestly, sincerely, and considerately. If you were addressing me then you must have me confused with some other member; I do know that some people feel polyamory is somehow superior, but I'm not one of those people.

And juuust in case you meant "polygamy" rather than "polyamory:" I don't hold polygamy on a lower or higher plane either, unless we're talking about child brides or women who've been brainwashed into submitting to patriarchal polygyny. "Messed up polygamy" is worse than healthy monogamy as well as worse than healthy polyamory.

[continued below]
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