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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

Haha, a certain reference comes to mind about the moon being really bright tonight, and making a fire and having drum circle.

Anyway SparklePony, that was a good and timely post. A good slice of perspective. I remember one of my male married friends saying, "My least favorite words in the whole world are, 'We need to talk about the relationship.'" Some men just have a terrible time trying to sort out and articulate their feelings. And listening -- truly listening -- to the other person speak can be a hard thing to do. "It sounds like she's criticizing me for all my bad points, and yet I have to somehow re-interpret that as a desire on her part to hear me say, 'It must be hard for you to go through all that stuff. I just want you to know that I do love you and that my desires to help you are sincere.'" And sometimes the right answer to a woman's complaints is just to gather her into your arms. It's hard sometimes for a man to know what the right thing is to do or say!

@ dali5671 ... It looks like you're headed for a V configuration in which the two legs/ends of the V only have a minor friendship or even just an acquaintanceship. Which isn't necessarily bad per se. It all has to do with what works for the three of you, as you're all three unique individuals.

Carry on and I hope we can continue to help!
Kevin T.
Thanks Kevin.

Yeah the comment about the drums and moon said loads. Basically I interpreted it as "back off!!" But I have no problems taking about feelings or the relationship if the need arises. Dahlia has a need to talk about it regularly, so the important thing is I am there for her when she needs it.
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