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Originally Posted by bofish View Post
What you wrote about "retarded time" is FACINATING. What branch of science is that? So, the term predates the medical terminology "retarded?" I did not know that!
Electromagnetism is a branch of Physics that describes, among other things, how radiation and electricity work. It's the science that underlies everything from radios to smartphones -- pretty much the foundation of all modern technology.

Originally Posted by
The term 'mental retardation' was introduced by the American Association on Mental Retardation in 1961 and soon afterwards was adopted by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5).
A complete description of the fundamental electromagnetic laws was published exactly 100 years earlier by James Maxwell. The notion of retarded time follows directly from those laws ("Maxwell's equations"). It's unclear when exactly retarded time was discovered as a requirement, but it was established by the time Einstein came on the scene in the early 1900's.
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