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Originally Posted by london View Post
.....So what I'm saying is that whilst it is clear that kdt hasn't had much experience with people from other cultures, races, planets, etc, he hasn't been offensive at all. The few times he has walked the line with his comments were because he was led to do so by other major contributors to the thread who aren't as PC as they think they are. He was responding defensively to their imagined slights against him and in teying to fit their warped version of "This is how you don't be racist", he actually started to say things that could be construed as racist. (But don't worry, kdt, it wasn't your bad)

I'll go back to when I said that us ethnics get pissed off by (often unintentionally racist) white people who want to be the judges of what is and isn't racist.

When a person constantly and intentionally makes it a point to spend a lot of time right next to that line, I don't care if the one step over was an accident, so naturally, it's hard to accept apologies when they obviously did not care -- all the while claiming the opposite -- then goes from difficult to not being able to accept apologies because sorry implies a willingness to change the behavior.

But I almost feel I was being unfair in not mentioning specifics in order to not embarrass kdtrenumberated. I am very proactive when it comes to exercising freedoms, [color=blue]*almost*[/quote] as much as I am as to each freedom's responsibility that must be lived up to as I do not believe there is a worse debt one can fall into.

Honesty plays a large role in the previously mentioned responsibility. Many things that are right -- or at least not wrong -- become wrongs committed, for only the fact that lies are involved, and in the event you don't feel you can be honest, it is perfectly fine to state whatever info you wish to lie about will not be divulged because every person is certainly entitled to privacy. Whether that be in their own home or dwelling -- even if that dwelling is their physical body or car -- -- even if it is just a hard drive with their journalings which they did not publish -- -- or whether it is what they did with whomever last week, it is certainly OK not to share such private information with or without whomever a person likes. If you have some sort of power exchange relationships with slaves whom willfully submit, more power to you buddy ol pal, but you have no power over me, and anytime you feel you do it is a violation, because I do not submit to blackmail, threats of violence or any kind threat really except to make sure that those who threaten me follow through with their word.

I takes away their power to terrorism and intimidate

Honesty is a big deal to me, and I believe it is THE ONLY way to successfully gain rights or even just to shed the social stigma, so I don't appreciate stories which are made up, falsified , even when they are seemingly justified in order to gain ground in the poly world, so to speak. I know that everyone fibs here and there, so plucking little heart strings here and there to sell book, that's one thing, and not wrong per se however I do believe you should think about changing direction as to the whole monogamy is bad and unenlightened while pologamy is good, evolved [sic] and highly enlightened.

Sex and spirituality or religion are the most sacred aspects of my life, I was raised Mormon, but I am not an active member of the church, but just because I am not I would never attack any religion just for the hell of it, when I do, it is answering or addressing their position or civil rights, I don't believe you were ever as active as you claim and I sure as hell do not believe you went on a mission, so while my religious beliefs do not align with Mormons I certainly do not appreciate hearing derogatory words about them as a culture, especially from such a passive aggressive person such as you. But maybe it is just me, as I feel the same way in regards to several members here, you, helo, marcus, monkeystyle, and occasionally numerous others when they appear willing to pass out or go along with your deceptive style of made-up first hand experiences of people you know nothing about.

You are right, I don't a rats ass if you or anybody doesn't respond to me, but when it feel it pertains to me, or is unacceptable behavior towards anybody else that I am witness to, I will answer and I will speak up.

It's not that I thing you are wrong for not answering or acknowledging my words, and not that I am right, I do however feel it is mighty cowardly to post from more than one profile for whatever reason -- so -- so long as you don't do that I don't care what you do, or if you feel you must that you don't use other profiles to push disengenous experiences as I do not believe such stories actually help people but it's likely to detract from this site being able to help.

But of course I am more paranoid than anything so if none of it's true feel free to assume it's all in my head, that is certainly your right to believe in your position and hold your beliefs as truth in reality. I realize not all members here are from United States, but I for one thank God everyday that my beliefs do not align with certain people, and it sounds like both of us are happy for such freedom

sounds like we have come to a thoroughly guten understanding

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