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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
If she sees a ring on your finger, isn't she already wondering why a married man is going on a date with her? Or is she under the impression you're cheating on your wife?
Wow good point. That sounds pretty bad. Anne doesn't know a thing about Leigh, not even her name. I realize now that this was a mistake but I was simply afraid to scare her off. And I know this is just semantics, but it wasn't officially a 'date', it just felt like one. We had lunch and then talked for three hours before class, I drove her to her car, then we talked for another hour there. Although I can tell she has a thing for me, Anne has behaved herself for the most part - she's been largely 'hands off', for what it's worth. But I see what you mean about the intent of Anne meeting with me and not knowing what Leigh thinks or knows.
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