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I suppose as polyamorists, we often find ourselves walking a fine line, because we know communication's a BFD, and yet there is such a thing as *too much* communication. Sometimes it might be a quality versus quantity thing. A whole buttload of talking isn't as good as some quietly shared moments with just a meaningful word here or there to give the meaning expression.

In the MFM V I'm in, the other guy just hates communicating, period. Well I take that back, he likes to talk about hockey, sports in general, what's going on at work, what the weather's like and what the forecast is, did the dog poop or just pee on her last trip around the apartment building, what's for dinner, even Muppets and My Little Pony ... but relationship matters? Ohhh, way to heavy for him. He can't collect his thoughts/feelings internally let alone articulate them externally.

So we don't make the poor guy talk, unless it's a full-blown emergency. Mostly we just share in his light chat and everybody's happy. True, took a few years of forming and storming before reaching today's state of norming, but ahh is this norming ever blissful.
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