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I considered posting a few figures on herpes, and experts who say, in fact, that it is highly contagious, but there's really no point in discussion with someone who is going to simply call names of anyone, even experts presumably, who thinks otherwise, and throws out ridiculous accusations that to not have sex with a person is to ostracize them.

Following your logic, in fact, the only answer I can see is that in order to prevent people lying about herpes, the rest of the world is obligated to have sex with people with herpes. Hm. What a world this would be.

Sorry, but everything you say still stinks of entitlement: people must have sex with them so they don't feel X. Doesn't this suggest that somehow or other they are entitled to sex? And if they are, that obligates someone else to provide.

Her husband doesn't want to have sex with the woman. She and her husband don't want to risk getting herpes, regardless of what you say the risk is or isn't, and it is truly stunning that we now live in a world where someone would call a person 'ignorant' for choosing not to take risks with their health.
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