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Kevin, beautiful post.~

What about what is appropriate in a "professional" work place?~

Personally I think "boys and girls" and "guys and gals" are not "professional" and take on a whole new meaning in the work place than they often do "outside" the work place.~

I noticed one time at a DEP meeting for the military I was attending as a DEP'er that one the recruiters used the term "girls" to refer to the only female there.~

I asked to speak to him afterwards and informed him that referring to women in a "professional" workplace especially the military as "girls" is grounds for "sexual discrimination" for some and even though some might find it endearing others might not and the military takes any thing "sexual related" very seriously at least that's what they have been telling me so far.~

I told him I usually refer to them as "young women".~

The situation was particularly a social error, because it took place within a military recruiting office and from what I've learned so far: they want to be especially "politically correct" because they are the public "face" of their particular military branch.~

No harm was done I hope, the recruiter in question was very tired as it was from his wife having baby so maybe he was slipping a little, and I probably won't know if the female DEP'er took offence to it as she shipped out the next day.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

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