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Originally Posted by TheRealDeal View Post
My advise to you is donít let hypocritical people behind a wall who could be putting out even morhan you sexually but telling you to deny enjoying sex which is the best thing in life that is free. Even if you are a sex addict like most of us you are not a drug addict. You are not taking drugs or hurting children or any adult intentionally. Keep on having as much sex as you can and want because if you stop you will be stressed because that who and what you are and cannot be or do otherwise. Its better to have more than less. Unless you preffer to be stressed and depressed! Sex is a remedy for your complain and to not have sex would make you become depressed.

Just do it safely and discreetly. However stop putting out for men who someone choose for you. Find yourself capable studs-bulls to feed you sexcitingly because the reason why you have to be putting out for so many different men is because you need to find four or more good capable sex partner with big cocks (not mini cocks) big cock bulls black or white to bulls you right at will. A combination of physical/oral sex is the menu for you. After all you cant turn a zebra into a mouse. So what you need is sex sex sex (smile) but not quantity, quality is what you need. . You need to find a few capable well endowed open minded bulls to service you consistently right physically and orally in a kinky and freaky manner and that will prevent you from indulging in quantity.

So your problem is not because you are puttion out, or because you are addicted to sex. Its not what you do its how. Have sex as much as you can and want. Just make sure you put out for well endowed bulls black or white with big cocks and kinkey minds so they will sex you physically and orally right in order to stimulate your mind/body and soul. Its not less sex you want, its just a lot of good quality sex sex sex. Just do it safe and discreet with big cock men black and or white.

By the way have you taken black men as yet? I have a girlfriend who use to have the same problem as you do because she was into quantity not quality. Then she took my advise snd found and start sexing black men, along with a few choosed reasonable big vanilla flavoured men with good size cock. She now have 2 big cock black bulls plus the etc and now she said, my god i went from putting out for men men men trying to get satisfaction, now all i do is sex none stop discreetly with only a few big cock men and she is soooooooooooo feeling good.

Quality not quantity is the remedy for your complain. Go into your futuring puttion our or sexciting adventure with a more open mind culturally find yourself a few cable big ciock bulls sex them discreetly and making sure its safe sex and i gurantee you will find the remedy for your complain. No you are not doing anything wrong by having plenty sex lol. You are not the only one on this site who is putting out, or opening your legs fro different men. There is nothing to be ashame of. Its just that you are too much into quantity and whats needed is quality.
This is possibly the funniest post on this site. Dude, go and watch some porn.
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