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The other thing I have been doing is to make plans with them that are inspired by us rather than them. It seems that if they make the plans then if we need to change them or have our own agenda for whatever reason that they become controlling and sometimes unreasonable. It's almost as if, when we make the plans, we are the hosts to the occasion and what we say goes and therefore they feel they can sit back and we will take care of things... does that make sense?
Yep! I was thinking "well you are the host/hostess then" just before I read that line! Yep, makes GREAT sense!

My mum asked where... I said that it depended if Mono was welcome at their house an my mum said with a shrugging kind of voice, "sure, what the heck."
EXCELLENT!!! Patience is winning. Good job on all of your parts for being patience and diligent about being true to yourselves!! I know it wasn't easy RP-but you are finally getting to the meat that makes it all worth it!
I hope your Easter is GREAT!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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