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I was talking with my husband last night about coming out to family. I'm not ready to come out to my family yet, they are a fairly religious bunch. My husband on the other hand thinks it may be time to tell his parents. It would make things a lot easier on us if they knew. His parents live fairly close by and have been picking up on things that aren't exactly typical. So it may just be better to tell them what is actually going on rather than having them make up stories in their heads.

Your story gives me hope that even if we don't get acceptance right away that there is a chance that they will slowly warm up to the idea.

We were joking about making a drinking game out of it by making a list of things that we think they will say and taking a drink (or better yet having them take a drink) every time they say one of them.

I hope you have an awesome Easter dinner with all of your family.

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