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Post What of my polypartner, what do I want for him?

Yes, I've grown monogamish, yes in this moment I believe I want to by physically monogamous/fluid bonded with a partner in future relationship, yes I want my future partner to be physically mono/fluid bonded to me.
Yes, I still want "P" as my grow old holding hands, farting in our wheelchairs together forever partner.

Yet, I don't want him to give up his nature. Does compromising who you are ever makes anyone fully happy? I don't think so.
Although he has time & time again given me the impression that he is not happy with many, many elements of his marriage, he also is very devoted and committed to it. His devotion in spite of those things endears him to me. I would never want him to divorce or leave her unless it was something he/they decided was right for them without considering my needs.
I want him to be happy.

Asking the ether how one reconciles those two desires. Wanting to be with him, and not wanting him to change for me?

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