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Originally Posted by Ilove2men View Post
... But I tell myself the same thing. That I do love her just as much and that it gives her and my fiance some much needed daddy daughter time. ...
Why don't you just tell her that? "Mommy is taking some time for herself/to hang out with her friend X. You and Daddy are getting some time for the two of you to have fun! It's important for you and Daddy to get some time just for the two of you."

It really is important for Daddies to have time with their kids, too. Mommies can sometimes (and I'm not saying you do) push Daddies out without meaning to. Also, you're not ashamed of your relationship, so don't lie about it. That will give her the impression that you did something wrong when she's older and finds out that you're poly. Tell yourself to relax, you're not doing anything wrong, and that it's okay to tell her what is age-appropriate. And it is a wonderful thing to give any child the knowledge that it is OKAY to take time for yourself. I can't tell you how many people struggle with guilt over taking time for themselves--wouldn't it have been wonderful if our parents had taught us that it was okay so we didn't feel so guilty?
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