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I was in a monogamous relationship for 9.5 years and we have 2 wonderful daughters, ages 4 and 6 with my ex husband. We are working through this co-parenting thing and are doing a pretty great job raising our girls separately yet together.
When my youngest daughter was born I realized that I had lost a sense of who I was. I went on a soul searching journey and by the end of it I realized both monogamy and my ex-husband were not for me as we have different views on marriage, relationships, and life in general (definitely a long story for another day ).
I am newish to polyamory (not really new, more returning to the lifestyle), with my primary partner and I being together for a bit over a year. We were just friends with benefits to begin with and neither of us realized we would fall in love with each and become such great partners!
I am bisexual; he and I share lovers and have lovers individually on our own.
I am here to read about other's experiences, share some of mine, and work through and understand all that I feel and process with my open relationship.
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