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Very fun night with Prof.
We had a lot of communication type talking, if that makes sense. Discussing how we communicate. He pointed out that I am an "initiator" I ask questions, am a positive listener, but rarely say, "I need to discuss something." All my training has been as a receiver of information and reflecting, not actually putting my own thoughts out there.

S has has asked him to shut down adding new partners or dating for the time being. I must admit I thought that would include shutting down me too. I didn't actually ask if that had been discussed. But am pleased that we are still ok.

I do appreciate how flexible he is and understanding about the ex, who is still couch surfing and not taking the kids.

Also, I feel asleep at about 11:30. I asked him if it ever bothers him that I struggle to stay up late. He said no, as we usually have long play sessions, we tend to start that earlier and then do dinner or what not after. Works fine for him, then he also gets time to catch up work stuff and watch me sleep And I wake up early and want morning sex, which he loves.

Prof has me, and infrequent partner "L". That is it for now.
He asked me what I told my parents about my relationships. I said I am seeing 2 people who also have other partners. They haven't really asked much, which is unusual but a bit of a relief.

Kip and I have IMing as per usual. It is weird not having seen him for nearly 2 weeks.
I decided to not be a slave to scheduling for a few days, he thought I was smoking crack , it was funny seeing him push for me to plan. I am stuck until I know what the ex is doing. Paying for the extra daycare would be crippling again, so I am not rushing to book that until i know more. That means I can't schedule in Kip, so why stress it for a few days? Apparently that is out of character for me.

I did sit and think about the crazy scheduling and I have only been like this since the kids started school. There are too many activities to not keep organized, such is singelish mummy life.
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
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