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Default not really poly, not really mono either

whats it called when a husband and wife who've been together 10 years solid, married 4...who are both interested in the same woman, and only want to be with her, but its ok if she has a bf (as she currently does)

weve never "opened our marriage", but after talking about trying to spice our life up by going to try to find a threesome, we both decided that we aren't the "just sex, on the verge of a one night stand" type of people. we are the people that want to love before jumping into the sack. we are very caring people, and we sat down and talked honestly about what we both wanted, and came to the conclusion that we might fit the poly lifestyle. we wanted a relationship with the same woman.

so here I am. wanting to learn more, craving all the info I can get. we don't want to label ourselves, or our relationship, but when talking to others, if we do, we would like to know what to say. lol.
ill try anything once, twice if I like it.
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