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Originally Posted by london View Post
It's very difficult to catch herpes. ... After all, its a virus that the vast majority of people will end up with like genital warts.
If it's so incredibly difficult to catch, how is it that 'the vast majority of people' end up with it?

Originally Posted by scarletzinnia View Post
I also would like to point out that the word "discrimination" does not apply to sexual situations at all. That implies an ethical obligation to be fair, as is the case with jobs or education or housing. But there is no obligation when it comes to sex. No one is EVER obligated to fuck anyone else, ever, everyone is free to make whatever decisions are right for them and their own body.
Well said. It's rather sad when someone is attacked, called names, and accused of being ignorant and 'discriminatory' for NOT having sex with someone else. Such attitudes reflect poorly on the whole poly community.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, it should have been your husband's decision whether he wanted to take that risk or not.
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