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My husband was well aware that the risk of him catching genital herpes was low if his potential lover was not having an outbreak. But it was still a risk he was not interested in taking, for himself, for me, and because one of the five people in his sexual network would have been very seriously impacted by catching it. So it wasn't worth it to him. It might have been worth it for someone who didn't give a crap about others in their sexual network potentially suffering, or someone who was completely single, no other partners, or someone who was really, really desperate for sex, but that was not the case for my husband at all.

I also would like to point out that the word "discrimination" does not apply to sexual situations at all. That implies an ethical obligation to be fair, as is the case with jobs or education or housing. But there is no obligation when it comes to sex. No one is EVER obligated to fuck anyone else, ever, everyone is free to make whatever decisions are right for them and their own body. If my husband had decided not to sleep with his friend because he noticed she had a really fat ass all of a sudden, that would have been fine. Sad for her, and you could have certainly called him a shallow guy for doing that, but it would have been a decision he, and anyone, is free to make. It's about desire, not obligation.

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