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Originally Posted by EugenePoet View Post
Yes, it's possible for me to attract interest from monogamous women. I have a big problem with that.

These women are looking for an exclusive relationship. ............
This connects to the point I was trying to make in a prev post.

You ASSUME they are looking for an "exclusive" relationship.
They ADVERTISE that fact (for any number of reasons)

But what I've found over the years is that down deep everyone is looking for a "quality" relationship. They need/want that connection with another human.
Nobody (usually) is signing marriage contracts in the first 3-4 "dates". And if a relationship is only at that stage then the whole concept of exclusivity does not apply - in a lot of cases doesn't even come up ! And if it does it's usually brushed over with a "well, I have been seeing someone else off & on but it doesn't seem to be totally what I'm looking for. Nuff said.
This may lead to deeper discussions about perceptions of what love, relationships really mean to different people. Fertile ground for really getting to know someone at a deeper level.
And as I mentioned, if at that point you discover that they are rigid minded and unable or unwilling to even explore new concepts, this is a mindset that will affect their whole life. Is this someone you could see yourself really connecting with long term ? Not likely.
But you have to give people the opportunity to slip off their mask they wear because sometimes, underneath it, you find surprises.

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