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What i would like to say is "you white folk be cray cray", but I'll say something else.

I come from London (durr), a cosmopolitan jungle of every nation you could imagine. I live in Hackney, Google it, fantastic place. I had ten white British people in my whole year at school. So yes, those white people grew up eating Jelof rice with their Nigerian friends, can swear or insult people in several languages, understands variations in culture and how it differs from religion, are PC. All those things.

There are also places in the UK which are predominately white British. These people have limited experience with people from other countries and might not understand all these things. Some aren't prejudice at all, they just don't know. So they might say things that aren't PC or ask some seemingly basic questions but it is curiosity and nothing more. You know when it is malicious. It isnt easily hid. I think the way to deal with the faux pas that they make such as calling someone black, "coloured", isn't to beaten them, just keep saying black. If you create a comfortable environment for them, you can discuss why black is more appropriate than coloured, but I often find that they just start doing the correct behaviour anyway.

So what I'm saying is that whilst it is clear that kdt hasn't had much experience with people from other cultures, races, planets, etc, he hasn't been offensive at all. The few times he has walked the line with his comments were because he was led to do so by other major contributors to the thread who aren't as PC as they think they are. He was responding defensively to their imagined slights against him and in teying to fit their warped version of "This is how you don't be racist", he actually started to say things that could be construed as racist. (But don't worry, kdt, it wasn't your bad)

I'll go back to when I said that us ethnics get pissed off by (often unintentionally racist) white people who want to be the judges of what is and isn't racist.

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