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As I said, I think I would disclose. However, when people discriminate against others because of false beliefs about anything, I can understand why that would make them extremely reluctant to do so. And most people contract herpes, HSV2 anyway, "through sex", it just is quite hard to get it "through sex" in the absence of an outbreak. I didn't say non disclosure is right but it's quite inevitable when the average persons knowledge of STDs is so painfully limited. If people had a factual and realistic understanding of STDs and there wasn't all this stigma perpetrated by the ignorant but loud, we would maximize the chances of people disclosing and I think people who need to disclose would do so with some reassurance that others were making informed choices, and not ill informed choices based on fiction.

The fact is, the scientific fact is, herpes transmission with condoms and in the absence of a breakout is tiny. I'm more concerned about people giving me flu because science tells me I'm much more likely to catch that and suffer morbidity than I am herpes.

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