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It's very difficult to catch herpes. People who have a basic understanding of science know this. So yes, I would have sex with someone who had herpes. After all, its a virus that the vast majority of people will end up with like genital warts. I use condoms with all new partners, transmission when there is no outbreak is incredibly low anyway. I would fluid bond with someone who tested positive for herpes after some time.

HIV is also very difficult to catch. I would have a partner with HIV but I would take simple precautions during sex such as condoms, lube and ensuring that their CD4 and viral load stay in a healthy range. People who stay healthy are less likely to pass on the virus. Can you believe that there are HIV positive women who are married, fluid bonded and have kids with men who are HIV negative?

So basically OP, no, I don't discriminate against people with lifelong STDs because I understand science. I know that understanding something based on fact rather than what your mates told you is a ridiculous concept to you, but really, education rocks, man.

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