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[continued from above]

I assume you meant your last post as a collection of specifics and examples for me, but alas your core message isn't getting through. I'll take the heat for that (though relatively specific, literal examples might still help).

You've accused me of gripping something. Of gripping cars, microphones (to tie into a sound board -- I take it you mean that I'm exploiting's willingness to make my words public?), and houses, all of which violates people's privacy. I assure you I do none of those things literally, and if you meant the accusation figuratively then I admit I don't understand what it means. What does this mysterious word "gripping" mean in plain old Kindergarten terms?

"Usually such an invasion of privacy is only viewed as acceptable to people who believe themselves superior to others."
Ah, thank goodness I'm not one of those people who believes myself superior to others; otherwise I'd view such invasions of privacy as acceptable.

You know, this thread has been so odd. Every black member I've talked to has been totally fine with, and friendly towards me. (I guess I'm supposed to assume they're faking it to be polite?) No complaints about whether I scientifically described the precise optical nature of their skin, or whether I called them this, that, or whatever. No complaints about me using the word race instead of culture, or culture instead of people. No complaints that I wasn't doing the work I needed to do to get to know them culturally and personally and bond with their viewpoint. They've been warm, cool, and helpful toward me. Any olive branch I offer, no matter how sickly and wilted, they accept with unabashed thanks, and an outpouring of their hearts.

Black members on this thread have enriched me with much racial -- yes racial -- knowledge that I didn't previously have. I've felt like I've had a whole new perspective after reading their posts.

Please note that black members and I have been teasing each other with jibes here -- racial jibes yet -- even sarcastic racial jibes. No black member has yet complained. Nor have I. Only you and ColorsWolf have complained, and not insincerely, either. Both of you are cut and offended to the core by the least hint of levity where cultural issues are concerned. You're missing out on some good laughs, man. That's all I've got to say. And no I don't think it's hurting their self-esteem. I think they're stronger than that.

Now I don't know if you and ColorsWolf are willing to admit your cultures and ethnicities, but if both of you are Caucasian, then it looks like the only flak I've taken on this thread has come from two particular Caucasians -- and that all the black members here are kind, forgiving, tolerant, emotionally sound, mentally sane, rather wise, and intelligent. Maybe black polyamorists avoid white polyamorists because they've noticed that a few white polyamorists have gone way off the deep end.

Mental illness isn't part of the real you. It's a disease that needs to be cured, for your own sake. This is *not* a slamfest. It's a concerned, worried, heartfelt plea towards both of you: Get help. You need it. Badly.

"Some of us here are actually trying help instead of supplementing inferiority complexes."
Good. I'll just go ahead and count myself in with the group, "some of us here," since I'm actually trying to help instead of supplementing inferiority complexes.

I don't think any minority culture here is in danger of anyone feeding its inferiority complexes. But I can think of two (probably Caucasian members) who each have a superiority complex as well as an inferiority complex -- and both types of complexes are getting worse. The two opposing kinds of complexes seem to be feeding each other.


"So which it?
Are you a bigoted or just overwhelmingly rude Caucasian, or a manipulative dishonest non-Caucasian who doesn't respect privacy?"
No jokes, no sarcasm, no messing around, and no obfuscation.

I am not bigoted. Everyone but you and ColorsWolf will agree with me on that.

I am not overwhelmingly rude. You and ColorsWolf have that dynamic covered and I don't need to add to it. This, right here, is the rudest I'll ever get. In real life I sometimes lose it. When I'm posting on a public thread, I control my temper. Even when I'm mad I control my temper.

I am Caucasian with pretty much all-European ancestry, especially English, German, and Eastern European blood. I think I have a swatch of Native American blood. I don't know if I have any African American blood.

I am not manipulative. Explosive? Sometimes, in "real life." On the forum? Never.

I am not dishonest. Do I joke around a lot, even at some people's expense? Sometimes yes. Guilty.

I certainly respect privacy, and I'd like to know *exactly how I haven't been respecting your (and/or ColorsWolf's) privacy.*


"Either you are extremely lost on your ability to learn how to respect those who are not the same as you ..."
But if that's true, how have I managed to get along with everyone (especially those of minority cultures) on this thread except two particular persons (who I suspect are both Caucasian)?

Yes I get and respond to some private messaging. Not my favorite venue by the way. I'd rather we all just discussed things out in the open on a public thread, so that many could benefit from reading the material, and many could enrich the material by adding their own perspectives.

"Your replies state to me very clearly that you either are [a non-Caucasian? or] an abusive male who doesn't really care if non-Caucasians show up to your potlucks."
And yet it was me who brought the subject up by starting this thread. If I was an abusive male (is "male" an insult?) who doesn't really care if non-Caucasions show up at my potlucks, wouldn't it have been wiser of me to let sleeping dogs lie (and not start such a thread as this)?

Dirtclustit, this is by far the longest post you'll ever get from me. From now on, I'm going to distance myself from you, and you're welcome to brag that's it's because you supposedly proved me wrong. Eventually I'll probably stop repying to anything you say altogether -- a threat which would scare ColorsWolf but I know it doesn't scare you so score yourself a point.
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