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"Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I heard that many times before but while my girlfriend was away I didn't think too much about her return."
Say ... maybe there's times when absence can make the heart grow fonder, without subjecting the heart to lonesomeness. That's a sweet deal.

In general, it sounds like your dyadic relationship is growing in depth and in wholesomeness, and while your trio relationship with her and her husband isn't digging as fast or as deep, it is getting there, little steps at a time.

I like the general tone about how everything went, how well you stood on your own two feet when she couldn't there, and how that calm patience paid off in the sweetest touch and cuddles. My current theory (corrections welcome) is that you and she love sex, but love the cuddling even more. When you were reunited your priorities were, "Let's kiss and cuddle first, we can have sex later!" which speaks to what you were both (patiently) missing.

I feel good about the way things are headed and hope they'll continue to head that way.

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