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Arrived to visit Lobe last night. Gonna be here for three more nights. His brother is here too, and Lobe and I were, hrmm, trying to be quiet but I'm sure we failed spectacularly.

Me: "Is your brother a light sleeper?"
Lobe: "I sure hope so."

In my experience with long distance, there's often this disconnect when you meet again after being physically apart. You have lost familiarity with the physical experience of them. You know the voice and the thoughts and the mind and the desire but who the fuck is this person? Do I know your skin? Are you inside here, really?

Sometimes takes a bit of nuzzling to coax that mood away. As if I need time to land my body into his, to taxi off the runway... until, shit, yeah, I know you now. There we go. It's you. We're here.

Over the last few weeks, Lobe and I have talked a lot. Been rough emotions in patches, but we've interspersed the serious shit with light hearted chat and playfulness. I wouldn't say we've sorted things out, totally, but we're trying. Lobe said he still doesn't think long distance works for him, but he's making an exception for me. Our mutual attraction is something magic. I wish I could express... mmm... imagine a fistful of sparklers, and them all igniting at once, that first moment when they start to go off, the surge of energy, exactly that.

Grotto keeps teasing me about NRE. He's... ah... he's had a lot of processing to do around this, various emotions. I definitely need to make sure I take care of him. Keep it gentle, keep holding him.

Work in progress.
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